Winter Oblivion




You will find everything is leaving gradually, if you turn round while you are walking along your road. The only one left is yourself.


Sometimes, success of your life depends on how difficult your road is. You climb and struggle step by step, and leave your footprint deeply. Finally, you will stand on top, then everything is gone in your sight with time passing by.


Sit on the roof ridge, embrace the dawn.





Sometimes, your everything will break into pieces, like these floe-ices, and then melt into your deep heart.


If you gaze the horizon, you will see the broad sky and sea. But you never notice yourself in your own world…vice versa…


We are all passers-by in the life of each other. Take along the long way and fade away.


Skating around and around, just as you come and go when focusing on the moment. Don’t lose yourself when coming again and again…


We don’t know where the void and lonely road leads to and who we will sit together with at the solitude chair to enjoy the sunset.


You never know how those intricate branches will extend. They run wild and leave the hazy reflection with time pass by, so is life.


When you are standing for a long while, everything will stagnate. The only thing comes into your eyes, is the brilliant hope.


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