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Assignment 1:

Create your own alternative indicator!
1. Pick 3 countries (1 developed, 1 transition and 1 developing country)
2. Generate your own alternative indicator! Select a couple of indicators you
think to be relevant from the World Bank Database(http://data.worldbank.org/indicator), and combine them as you see fit (add, subtract, multiply, etc.) to generate your indicator.
3. Plot the % change in your indicator for 3 years and compare it to the % change in GDP.
4. Explain your results.

Assignment 2:

Can you provide examples and related explanation of local policies for managing sustainability?

Assignment 3:

How, according to you, could we deal with inequality regarding mitigation and adaptation ?

Assignment 4:

What are the major stakes and stakeholders for universities? How can universities develop real Social Responsibility policies? Which activities could be undertaken, should be prioritized? How far do you think this can influence students in their future lives – as workers and as citizens?

Assignment 5:

My lecture provides a broad picture on the transformation problem related to climate change. Depending on your academic background and/or your knowledge interest you may select a point of departure – based on the lecture ‐ for your discussion on the structural transformation necessary and/or inevitable ahead of us:
* you can eg discuss the macro economic transformation problem (starting from section 6 in the lecture)
* or you can discuss structural problems more in depth (starting from section 7 in the lecture)
* or analyze the transformation challenge with focus on a certain industrial sector (or a set of interrelated scetors/industries) inspired by section 8 in the lecture
* you are also allowed to provide a more critical reflection to the approach in the lecture: is it possible to transform as suggested – and is it necessary? What should be the balance between adaption and mitigation?

Assignment 6:

Research and describe how the transport system could be improved to be more sustainable in the city where you live.
Try to stress locally available resources and opportunities for development (tools and resources only available in your town, county or part of the country)

Assignment 7:

Select a Clean Technology of your interest (recycling, renewable energy, information technology, green transportation, electric motors, green chemistry, lighting…).
Related with this technology:
– Describe why it is “clean”, and how it is working.
– Give your opinion regarding the potential of this clean technology to “change the world”

Assignment 8:

Prepare a small paper (not more than 6 pages) that contains your suggestions and plan to solve the problem of the hot spot that is on the top of the priority list. Since there can be  any solutions for the same water resources management problem, consider that there is not only one single correct answer and be creative.

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