Enterprise-level Database Backup Solutions

Huan Meng

College of Computer Science and Technology

Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications


I offer the factors to be considered in developing backup program, analyze the backup solutions of major database software, including Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix and MySQL and provide backup strategy of these databases to help enterprises learn how to select their own database backup program and how to manage and maintain their database systems.


In today’s developed field of information, what can reflect the preciousness of value is neither computer software, nor computer hardware, but the variety of valuable data in computer. However, a variety of factors such as human error, hard disk damaged, computer virus, every kind of power outages, or natural disasters are likely to make the use of data become insecure. It’s critical for every company to develop an appropriate data backup system to protect their data.

According to specialized research data, the loss of each 10MB of data will result in the loss of up to $5000. Moreover, if the lost critical data is still not restored within 10 days, then the company will be in trouble, or even likely to be serious consequences. So, as the computer system is increasingly becoming an indispensable business data carrier, how to use data backup to ensure data security has become a current important field of research and applications.

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